The New Technologies Impacting On-demand Learning

cover for: New Technologies Impacting Learning

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, conversational interfaces, and augmented reality are breaking the traditional boundaries of the learning experience. New approaches to learning are emerging as a result and becoming embedded in the daily routines of our workforce. L&D professionals are being forced to become architects of ecosystems that give access to information at the point of need. The convergence of new technologies and approaches to learning can lead to enhanced workforce productivity, retention, and motivation.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The concept of “performance adjacent”—learning tools that are accessible with minimal friction, allowing quick support to solve a problem and return to a workflow
  • The impact technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Jupyter notebooks, and natural language processing are having on learning interfaces
  • How to enable continuous, frictionless learning across every boundary we currently hold

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