2018 IT/Ops Salary Survey

Tools, Trends, Technologies, and Compensation for Today’s Ops Professionals

cover for: 2018 Annual Ops Salary Survey

O’Reilly’s annual IT/Ops Salary Survey provides insights into demographics, work environments, tools, and compensation of operations professionals. Includes results from more than 1,300 participants representing over 70 countries, including 46 US states, who’ve answered a wide range of questions about their current roles.

With this report, you’ll learn:

  • The median salary of all respondents
  • What types of organizations offer ops professionals the largest salaries
  • The trend in team size and how this relates to salary
  • What ops professionals seek in career advancement
  • What percentage are using their own infrastructure tools
  • Who ops teams collaborate with and how much time they spend doing it

The survey also revealed that respondents put emphasis on their salaries when evaluating their careers, but they also pay close attention to company and team attributes, job activities, role responsibilities, and evolving skill set requirements.

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