AI Adoption in the Enterprise 2020

cover for: AI Adoption in the Enterprise 2020

In 2018, with interest in artificial intelligence reaching a fever pitch, O’Reilly asked members how their organizations were adopting AI. Results showed that the AI space was in a state of rapid change, so we eagerly commissioned a follow-up survey in 2019. Responses proved that AI adoption is proceeding apace, but companies still need to do more to put their AI efforts on solid ground.

In this report, Roger Magoulas examines the survey’s results to shed light on what AI adoption looks like in the enterprise right now, covering everything from the popularity of specific techniques and tools to the challenges experienced by adopters and more. (Hint: Deployments are shifting from prototype to production.) If you don’t have plans to evaluate AI, it’s time to think about catching up. This report will get you started on the right foot.

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