Building an Optimized Business

What business leaders need to know about operating at speed and scale

cover for: Building an Optimized Business

The post-industrial shift that sociologist Daniel Bell foresaw more than 40 years ago is here: disruption is driving business and changing entire industries. IT isn't just moving beyond its supporting role in business operations, it's becoming inseparable from it. Every business is becoming a digital business and "innovate or die" is the business mantra of the day.

Companies now realize the need to empower their employees' creativity and decision-making abilities, and they're looking to transform organizational structures and communications tools to unleash internal innovation and collaboration. The question is: how?

To help you navigate this changing landscape, O'Reilly offers a collection of standalone chapters from several of its published and forthcoming books. This sampler provides valuable information on DevOps, lean development, moving to a data-driven culture, and other related subjects.

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