Security with AI and Machine Learning

It’s like having your very own Robocop. Sort of. This free ebook gets into the details.

cover for: Security with AI and Machine Learning

For security professionals seeking reliable ways to combat persistent threats to their networks, there’s encouraging news. Tools that employ AI and machine learning have begun to replace the older rules—and signature-based tools that can no longer combat today’s sophisticated attacks.

In this free ebook, Oracle’s Laurent Gil and Recorded Future’s Allan Liska look at the strengths (and limitations) of AI- and ML-based security tools for dealing with today’s threat landscape—including quickly identifying threats, connecting attack patterns, and allowing operators and analysts to focus on their core mission. You’ll also learn how managed security service providers (MSSPs) use AI and ML to identify patterns from across their customer base. It’s not Robocop—but it’s getting closer.

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